We will focus on the best outcome for your children.

We advise on all arrangements for children, from where they live and how they are cared for, to their ongoing financial provision. We do everything possible to minimise the impact on them and help you make the right choices for you and your family.

When a relationship breaks down, concerns about the children can make every issue more contentious. It’s crucial to take the heat out of the process while we negotiate the best possible outcome. This protects them and helps you reach a settlement with your partner that is flexible and child focused.

Wherever possible we use alternatives to court. In the majority of cases, we settle all issues surrounding children through a constructive, mediated approach. This finds mutually acceptable solutions and avoids the expense and stress of court proceedings.

In some cases, parents have to ask the court to get involved. We have wide experience dealing with complex, unusual and high conflict cases, including those involving paternal alienation, emotional and physical harm and coercively controlling relationships. We will guide you through the process and can call on family and child therapists to work with you and ensure the children are as sheltered as possible throughout proceedings and beyond.

Many of our cases have an international element. As a team, we have extensive expertise in advising parents on the relocation of children, both within the UK and abroad. We also work a great deal with LGBT families and those created though fertility, surrogacy or adoption and can advise on the specific issues that impact them.

You can find out more about your specific Children issues with this free online assessment which can help you understand where you stand before you contact a lawyer.