We will use our global expertise and network to resolve your dispute.

A large number of our cases have an international element - whether it is proceedings involving foreign nationals, assets held outside the UK or cases involving disputes over where children should live.

Where a divorce is issued (i.e. lodged at court) can have a major effect on the financial settlements that can be achieved. We will give expert advice should there be more than one potential location to issue proceedings (known as a “jurisdictional race”) and will ensure swift action is taken to commence proceedings when time is of the essence.

We also have wide experience tracing and dividing internationally held assets; resolving issues around the financial provision for children and their care arrangements if one of you lives abroad; and ensuring that English court orders are enforced abroad.

As well as our in-house knowledge of international family law issues, we have strong links with a network of lawyers around the globe, and we can bring in specialist advice whenever necessary. Joe is a Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers.