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How to deal with a narcissist

In this blog post Senior Associate, Katie Chew, explains the difficulties of dealing with an ex-partner who is a narcissist.

Child Support - how much do I need to pay?

In this blog post Kate Barnett explains how child support is calculated

Are pre-nuptial agreements worth it?

In this article Senior Associate Darren Hark explores some of the key issues surrounding pre-nuptial agreements

What is the difference between a solicitor and a barrister?

In this post Thomas Pavey explains the differences between a solicitor and a barrister

Surrogacy Q&A

To mark National Surrogacy Week, Associate Solicitor Kathryn Cassells answers some of the key questions about surrogacy and the legal process

The new era of no fault divorce: does that mean I don’t need a lawyer?

In this blog Kate Barnett discusses the importance of seeking specialist legal help in light of the recent introduction of no fault divorce

What is a private FDR?

In this blog Thomas Pavey discusses the rise of the use of private FDRs as an alternative to Court and the pros and cons of this process

How will the "cost of living crisis" affect my spousal maintenance?

In this blog Thomas Pavey discusses how inflation and the cost of living crisis will affect spousal maintenance payments

It's (finally) the end of divorce as we know it...

In this blog Kathryn Cassells discuss upcoming changes to the law and the introduction of no fault divorce

Living with a narcissist during lockdown: Covid-19

Living with a narcissist in lockdown - in this blog Helen Wilby addresses the impact of verbal and emotional abuse during lockdown

Covid-19 and family mediation

Mediation - in this blog Anne Kay discusses the benefits of virtual mediation during lockdown.

The impact of Covid 19 and family law

The impact of Covid 19 and family law - in this blog Kathryn Cassells answers your family law related questions and concerns during this challenging time.

Surrogacy and advertising

In this article Katie Chew discusses the Law Commission’s proposals to change the law on advertising for surrogate mothers.

Parenting children through separation

In this article Helen Wilby discusses the effect of parental separation on children.

Changing a child’s surname

In this article Kathryn Cassells discusses how to change a child’s surname.

The myth of a Common Law Spouse

In the first edition of our VKBlog, Associate solicitor Kathryn Cassells discussed the myth of a common law marriage and provides advice as to how best to protect your legal position as a cohabitee.