How We Do It

Exceptional focus on the client's legal and personal needs

Legal 500, 2022

All our clients are different, as are all our cases. But in our experience, we achieve the best and most successful outcomes by following a few basic principles. When working for you, we will:

Help you reach an agreement if possible

It is better for the whole family, both emotionally and financially, to start with a constructive approach. We will always try to bring the case to a swift and civilised conclusion. At each stage, we will help you weigh up the value, and likely cost, of proceeding further. We have very good judgement which informs all of the advice that we give.

Fight if necessary

Some cases cannot be settled. We are extremely experienced litigators. We have been involved in numerous high-profile, hard-fought cases over the last decade, including several that have changed the way the law is applied. If your case cannot be settled, we know how to litigate skillfully and effectively.

Employ the best barristers

We have very strong, well-established links with the best family law barristers in London. We will choose the right person to represent you, whether you need someone with outstanding financial acumen or international expertise, a ferocious cross-examiner or someone with the emotional intelligence and sensitivity to deal with difficult issues concerning children.

Use our networks

Over the years, we have built up a network of relationships across the London family law world. As well as knowing the best barristers and their chambers, we know the other top-rated family law firms, and they know us. We will use this knowledge to leverage the best outcome for your case. We also know the people to call upon if your case needs specialist advice which may be on tax, accountancy or property issues. Our international work has given us key connections in many other countries.

Match our team to your case

We tailor our service to the needs of each case, whether it involves hard-fought litigation or focused advice to swiftly resolve a specific issue. By fitting the right members of the team to each case, we will also ensure you get the best advice at the lowest cost.

Charge you transparently

We will give you clear advice about the costs you are likely to face, and bill you regularly so there are no surprises. We keep our overheads down and, in keeping with the firm’s ethos, these savings are reflected in our fees.

Be honest and clear at every step

Before working with you, we will discuss your case in detail in an exploratory phone call. There is no charge for this and there is no obligation on either side to continue further. If we cannot advance your case, we will not take it on. We are proud of our reputation for honesty and integrity.