Online Assessment

Make a start and find out where you stand...

We offer our clients a free online assessment to help them understand their legal position.

How does it work?

This tool asks you questions about your situation and uses your answers to create an accurate & specific summary about where you stand.

The summary is personalised and the service is free. Vaitilingam Kay pay for it because our clients appreciate it and because if you do subsequently decide to engage us, we can serve you better if we have this information first.

How does it help?

It isn’t a substitute for proper advice from an experienced lawyer, but it can help you …

  • clarify your situation before you see a lawyer and get your documents and details organised
  • save you time and money when you see a lawyer because we will have all the background information and can prioritise moving your case forward.

What about confidentiality?

Once completed, you decide whether you want to authorise the online tool to pass the information back to Vaitilingam Kay. If you decide not to, nothing will happen. No-one will contact you and your data will remain private and confidential.

Some people find this tool very helpful. If you’d rather talk or email, please just contact us.

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