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Covid-19 and family mediation

An article by Anne Kay, Partner

Covid-19 and family mediation

Many couples forced to live together in lockdown may have already started or were contemplating taking formal steps to end their relationship.  Those trapped in difficult relationship scenarios are now finding life in isolation extremely challenging.

Although the pressures of living together is compounded without physical access to the courts, it is still possible to discuss matters relating to separation (and children) in a constructive way and mediation can prove a helpful tool in navigating future arrangements.

There are also currently parents already living apart, having difficulties with existing child arrangements and the transition of children from one parent to another.  If you are unable to agree what arrangements should be in place for the children, a family law mediator can assist in cutting through some of the sticking points and help you find child-focused solutions.

Although mediation is often viewed as being more effective face to face, with the mediated couple in the same room, virtual mediation via zoom or skype can offer significant benefits.   For many the virtual forum, taking place from the comfort of your own home, takes the sting and anxiety out of travelling to a formal office to participate.  This can in turn open-up more meaningful discussions.

Anne Kay continues to assist those wishing to mediate matters.   Prior to the current restrictions Anne often conducted international mediations via zoom but is now conducting all sessions in this way.

There are, however, practical issues to consider when mediating during lockdown.  If there are children at home, they should not be impacted or be aware of what is being said.  As a consequence, Anne can offer evening appointments ensuring the children are sheltered from the negotiations.

If you have a an enquiry related to mediation please contact Anne Kay directly ( or the office manager Lauren Rich (