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Living with a narcissist during lockdown: Covid-19

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Living with a narcissist during lockdown: Covid-19

Whilst the lockdown is designed to contain this deadly virus, there is one part of the population that is in more danger than ever with the imposed regime.  

Although there has been a good deal of press coverage in relation to those suffering from physical violence within the home, little has been published in relation to those suffering from emotional and psychological abuse.  Such abuse is, however, flourishing in conditions created by the pandemic and the environment is ripe for abusers to terrorise their victims.

Living with narcissistic abuse 24/7 is making life completely unbearable for many.  There is currently no let-up of opportunities for verbal, emotional and psychological abuse.  Enforced social distancing has made it even more difficult for victims to get time away from their abuser – such as going to work, running errands or taking the children to school which provided at least some degree of making life tolerable, even if not happy.

I have received a number of calls from desperate and extremely distressed individuals.  I am told the intensity and frequency of abuse has escalated, whilst their partner grapples with the loss of power and control of the situation around them.  For many, the situation has made them realise that they must get out of the relationship.  

Seeking appropriate legal advice is, however, imperative before any hasty steps are taken.  Although matters are currently compounded without physical access to the courts, we can help victims of domestic abuse seek injunctions quickly, protecting you (and the children) from being harmed by an abuser and in certain circumstances seek an order setting out who can live in the family home (or certain parts of it).   Divorce proceedings (as well as other family related proceedings relating to finances and the children) can also be instigated online and our team can help you take the first steps.  

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